About Leidy Campo aka KuraRei

I've been exploring drawing and painting with a different type of art media, and also fascinated by characters from Video games and Animation since I can recall. It is challenging but very exciting to see a character that comes to life and can connect and entertain the audience. I was born and raised in Colombia but moved to the United States in 2013 to become a professional artist in visual development and illustration. I studied Fine arts at Santa Monica College and graduated from Otis College of Arts and design as a character designer. I received – The GROUP SCHOLARSHIP, which is a reward that represents one of the highest honors bestowed upon students by Otis College. It not only recognizes your talent, academic achievement, and financial need but directly responds to the interests of key College donors. During my time At Otis, I was able to work with professional artist from the industry which have been a source of inspiration, motivation and quality work.


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